• Therapy for Depression

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    Are you feeling hopeless, isolated, and not your usual self?

    Have you been having any thoughts like the following?

    • I am worthless and can’t do anything about it.
    • I don’t feel like doing anything any more. I’d rather just stay at home and be by myself.
    • I hate who I am these days.
    • I can’t seem to stop crying.
    • I feel a deep sense of guilt and emptiness, but no one understands.
    • My life and the world around me are dark. I hate it, but I can’t change it.

    If so, you may be suffering from clinical depression. I want you to know that you are not alone and there are people who can help.

    As a cognitive behavioral therapist, I use evidence-based methods for helping clients to more effectively cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that contribute to depression.

    Many of my clients find relief in realizing that their struggle doesn’t own them and that there are many options available to regain a sense of hope in their lives.

    Often, when people feel down for an extended period of time, they tend to withdraw from friends and loved ones and avoid activities that normally give them joy. Unfortunately, by turning inward in this way, they end up depriving themselves of the very things that would have the greatest chance of making them feel better. In turn, their mood becomes more and more depressed, leading to a vicious cycle. An important and effective early intervention for clinical depression is to reverse this cycle by making a concerted effort to reengage with things that you enjoy and that give your life meaning (even though you might not feel like it in the moment). I can help you in this process.

    If you are hoping to finally lighten your load and get back to feeling like yourself again, contact me today for a free consultation.