• Telehealth

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    I am pleased to be able to work with clients via Telehealth.  While I did sometimes see clients virtually prior to 2020 when it was inconvenient for them to meet me in my office, life during the pandemic made it clear to most (and research clearly supports) that psychotherapy delivered virtually is generally just as effective as in-person treatment. I personally find that the major exception to this rule has been for young children, who still have difficulty sitting still or staying focused on a screen that does not feature an animated video game or cartoon characters.

    For virtual sessions, I use a HIPAA-compliant video platform called Doxy.me. Before our first session, I’ll provide you with a link to my virtual “office”. This is the same link you will use for all of our online sessions. Simply click on the link and then type in your first name when prompted to let me know that you’ve arrived. Then I will be able to connect with you by video. No need to download an app or anything else requiring tech savvy.

    Many clients have told me that they prefer having their sessions by telehealth because of the convenience it affords. There’s no need to spend valuable time commuting to and from my office. They need only find a private location with good internet access  – often in their home, office, or car – and use their computer or smartphone to connect. Further, telehealth allows for clients to have their therapy session even when out of town or when feeling a bit under the weather. One of the greatest benefits of telehealth is that it enables me to work with clients from all over California. It’s no longer necessary that they live within close driving range of my office to receive the help they need.