I provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Family sessions, if deemed appropriate, are also incorporated into treatment.

Regular therapy sessions are generally scheduled 1-2 times per week with primary treatment goals agreed upon at the first meeting.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

I use the most current standardized tests and measures available to assess children and adolescents across the following general domains: Cognitive Functioning (i.e., I.Q., visuomotor integration, memory, attention and executive functioning, processing speed), Language, Academic Achievement, Emotional Functioning, and Behavior.

Testing referrals are often made by school personnel, pediatricians, psychiatrists, or psychotherapists wishing to gain clarification about diagnosis.

Typical motives for formal assessment include the following:

  • Evaluation of apparent learning difficulties.
  • Diagnosis of attention problems and/or hyperactivity.
  • Diagnosis of emotional/behavioral problems that may be impacting academic performance and/or social functioning.
  • Documentation of impairment to qualify for test/academic accommodations.
  • Cognitive assessment for private school application.
  • Clarification of a student’s learning style to generate recommendations for the classroom.

A final testing report includes relevant diagnoses and practical recommendations for treatment (if warranted), and for at home and in the classroom.


To help parents to more effectively manage their child´s oppositional and defiant behavior and reduce conflict in the home, when appropriate, I employ “Defiant Children,” a highly effective, structured parent-training program developed by Russell Barkley, PhD.

School Observation and Consultation

I am also available to observe your child’s behavior in the academic setting to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.  Based on my observations, I can coordinate care with the school, providing relevant personnel with well-reasoned recommendations for working with your child more effectively.

I am also available to participate in education planning (IEP) meetings at your child’s school at your request.